T-Pain Lands Twitch Partnership, Shares Plans For New Music & Shows

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I’m N Luv (Wit a Streamer)

T-Pain and streaming platform Twitch have entered into a partnership.

The “I’m N Luv” singer, already an avid Twitch streamer, has never been shy about experimenting with new technology and has always encouraged the younger generations to pursue their passions, especially when it comes to music. Pain already hosts several Twitch shows, independent of the partnership and, according to a report by Complex, the new deal will only bolster his ability to give young artists a legitimate platform.

Included in the partnership are deals for two new shows, “Post Ya Song” and “Post Ya Beat,” where he will review submissions from artists and producers while live streaming.

Also included with the partnership announcement is a new single from the autotune king himself. “I’m Cool With That” is set to drop Friday, October 29 and was made by T-Pain with the help of Twitch users through the platform’s chat feature.

Twitch’s VP and Head of Music, Tracy Chan, said that the partnership is a reflection of the company’s efforts to amplify music from new artists, and show that they can make a living with their music.

“Twitch has always been a creator-centric service, and we are consistently pioneering new ways in which musicians can live off their art,” Chan said. “T-Pain is a shining example of a Twitch creator who is leveraging his community to curate his sound and give back—and he is inspiring other creators of all levels to do the same.”

Chan’s statement that Twitch has always been a “creator-centric service,” also came with the announcement that the platform’s music category is growing at a rapid rate — 550% year over year — making the T-Pain partnership all the more timely.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While T-Pain no longer boasts the same hitmaking influence he once did, it is undeniable that he has been a pioneer throughout his career, and this Twitch partnership is just another example of his pushing the envelope. From popularizing autotune in the mid-2000s to this, an opportunity to put more and more artists on a higher pedestal, T-Pain has always contributed in moving music forward and this partnership will allow him to continue doing so.

Check out “I’m Cool With That” when it drops on October 29, and let us know what you think of T-Pain’s new partnership with Twitch down in the comments.


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