Over the past weekend, Drake celebrated his 35th birthday, and apart from a small scuffle at his Cocaine Cowboys-themed party, it’s safe to say that Drake has been living it up over the past several days. He has received incredible gifts as well as birthday wishes from Nicki Minaj, Future, Giveon, and countless other high-profile celebrities, but it looks like Jas Prince took his birthday gift for Drake to another level.

Jas Prince, who first discovered Drizzy’s music on Myspace and went on to help propel the Toronto artist’s career forward, gave Drake a breathtaking new chain, and according to Complex, he also had custom chains made for Drake’s son, Adonis, and his father, Dennis Graham.

Jas Prince and Drake attend the Summer Sixteen concert after Party at The Mansion Elan on August 27, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Prince revealed the cross-generational birthday gift on Instagram, complete with a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process behind the Flawless Diamond Co.-commissioned pieces. For Drake’s custom chain, the chart-topping rapper was given a massive OVO chain that predominantly featured a diamond-encrusted owl carrying the words OVO with its feet.

Another one of the custom chains featured an iced-out depiction of Adonis, which Drake says he’ll give to his son because he’s “always asking [him] about chains and shit.” Lastly, Drake‘s father received a simpler, but still stunning, chain with an emblem that reads “DG Land.” You can see Dennis Graham showing off his new ice below.

You can get a good look at Drake and Adonis’ new custom Flawless Diamond Co. chains here.