Seth Rogen Sings Kanye’s Praises For “Donda,” Listened To It “2 Weeks Straight Non-Stop”

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Rogen chopped it up with Pharrell and spoke about why Ye’s uniqueness “is really interesting.”

His long history with Kanye West has been the subject of interview stories and internet memes, and now Seth Rogen is giving his take on Donda. The pair of international superstars may not be best friends, but their relationship dates back a decade. Rogen and his bestie James Franco once parodied Ye’s “Bound 2” music video where Kim Kardashian straddles the rapper on a motorcycle. Then, there was the story that Ye rapped Yeezusfor the comedic actor in its entirety.

While chatting with Pharrell Williams on the OTHERtone podcast, Rogen gave his opinions on Donda and it is clear that he is a fan of West’s latest project.

Kanye West
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After expressing that he “loves” Donda, Rogen explained why West’s music stands out.

“To me, Kanye is just such a unique artist and to me, I think what he does is really interesting,” said the actor. “You can turn on any song for half a second and kind of know it’s a Kanye song. I think it’s auteur-ish, as I think a lot of performers are, and that’s something I think is really interesting—that he can carve out a sound that is so unique.”

“I think an interesting journey that I keep getting taken on is that I can look and be like, ‘What is this guy talking about? How much stupid stuff can come out of someone’s mouth?’” Rogen admitted. “And then be like, ‘I love this album. It’s incredible. I’m going to listen to it for two weeks straight and not stop.'”



Check out Seth Rogen on OTHERtone below.


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