Ludacris Shows Off First Fully-Electric Mercedes Benz

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Luda gave an in-depth look at the futuristic Mercedes Benz.

Ludacris is a man of many talents.

Between producing, rapping, DJing, acting and his most recent foray into television production, the 44-year-old Atlanta icon can do it all, and as a result, Luda pops up in seemingly every corner of the entertainment industry.

Just recently, the Word of Mouf rapper appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to tell the story of how he almost missed his youngest daughter’s birth because he was filming a movie in New Mexico. He released his Netflix original children’s seriesKarma’s Worldsat down with Gunna to discuss Atlanta’s hip-hop scene, dished on the delicate relationship between The Rock and Vin Diesel, and that was just in the last two weeks.

The man is literally always doing something big, and in staying true to his 2 Fast 2 Furious roots, Ludacris was the first person to test drive the first, fully-electric Mercedes Benz.

“First fully-electric Mercedes Benz, and who gets to test drive it first?,” Luda asked. “It is I who gets to test it out first. It is I.”

Explaining that the new Benz model is called the Mercedes EQS 580, Ludacris gives a tour of the view from the driver’s seat. Showing off the huge dashboard screen that allows the passenger to listen to different music than the driver and watch whatever they want from the comfort of the passenger seat, Ludacris likened the new Mercedes model to a virtual simulation.

“I feel like I’m about to play a video game,” Luda exclaimed. “But it’s not a video game, it’s real life. And that I love.”

Whether or not Luda was actually the first person behind the wheel of a EQS 580 is up for debate, but he is absolutely the most famous person to get a first look at the car, and based on what he showed off on his IG page, a lot more famous people are going to be lined up to get their hands on the first fully-electric Benz.

What do you think of Luda getting an early chance to test drive the new Mercedes? Let us know in the comments.

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