Lizzo Is Learning How To Do The Splits

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The “Truth Hurts” singer will soon add “can do the splits” to her resume.

Singer, flutist, and one step closer to becoming a gymnast, it’s only a matter of time until Lizzo adds “doing the splits” to her list of talents.

The Grammy-winning artist shared a video of her first session with personal trainer Wade Bryant, “DONT GET MAD WHEN I BUSS THE SPLITS AT UR FUNCTION. I’ve NEVER been close to the splits in my life! One session w @wadebryant_ and I’m on my way!,” she wrote.

The two linked through a TikTok interaction where Lizzo commented “ayo stretch me” on one of Bryant’s videos.

Evidently, he took her up on her request, replying “say less!” The trainer praised the singer’s ambition on his Instagram, “Put respect on my name work hard chase your dreams! Not everyone will understand your vision. By the time they’ll see it, it be priced plus tax! Had the honor of training @lizzobeeating today… side note she’s dope in real life! Now stop asking me if I train big girls any more proof! Oh and “yesterdays price is not todays price,” he wrote.

Lizzo came decked out and prepared in a red sports bra and matching shorts. The trainer attested that the singer put in the effort, with a few screams thrown in here and there, “This was a vibe! Weight really has nothing to do with training @lizzobeeating came ready to work! And I promise y’all she worked and screamed a few times,” Bryant wrote in another video post.

We’ve seen her sing, twerk, and post thirst-traps on Tiktok, who’s ready to see her do a split at the function?

Check out her practicing below.

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