French Montana Responds To “Squid Game” Meme Suggesting No One Knows His Solo Songs

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French Montana responds to a “Squid Game” meme by attempting to prove he has memorable solo hits.

New York rapper French Montana has stuck around the music business for nearly two whole decades, but he’s often written off by music fans as a feature artist, or as someone who only has a couple of decent songs. In recent years, it’s become trendy to hate on French, specifically as it pertains to his music catalog, which is filled with bangers. As the world jokes about how the 36-year-old rapper doesn’t have any solo hits, he’s offering up his own take, naming a bunch of his songs that have made noise in the streets.

While people may like to joke that “Unforgettable” is the only song worth listening to from French Montana, the rapper recently responded to a viral post suggesting that he’s got a whole lot of other songs that are certified hits. When a rap fan suggested that the next Squid Game challenge should be for people to name five French Montana songs without features, it appeared as though the entirety of Twitter drew a blank, but thankfully, French jumped into the conversation with a list of songs that people could name to pass the challenge.

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“For the next game, you need to name FIVE French Montana songs without features,” joked the fan on Twitter, sharing a Squid Game photo.

“Ain’t worried about nothing, Sanctuary, Fuck with me get bag, Don’t panic, Shot caller, Everything’s a go, Famous, Devil want my soul, Henny and my 44, What it look like, Salam alaikum, Hotel bathroom, I’m so special, Water, Now eat a dick [angry devil face] I’m droping a solo track this week.”

Do you know of any of the songs he listed, and would you have remembered their names if you were forced to participate in Squid Game?



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