Bia Believes Nicki Minaj Deserves The Same Respect As Jay-Z

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The “Whole Lotta Money” rapper also detailed why performing at Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show was a “full circle moment.”

If there is one person that is going to go to bat for Nicki Minaj, it is Bia. With the help of Minaj, Bia’s “Whole Lotta Money” received a remix that helped catapult the single into new heights. The pair have appeared on Livestream together and Bia has continuously sung Minja’s praises, including standing up for the rapper when her COVID-19 vaccine tweets caused a global incident.

Bia, who is currently taking to stages with Don Toliver on tour, caught up with Billboard and spoke about Minaj, stating that the Queen rapper deserves a Jay-Z level of respect.

“I always say to people, when you speak of Nicki, you got to speak on her like how you speak on Jay-Z and the greats that laid out the foundation for the people that’s after them,” said Bia. “She broke amazing records and she’s made it easier for people like me to come through and do what we do. I’m always going to give her that credit and that respect because she helped me hit another milestone in my career.”

That isn’t the only woman in the industry to help bolster Bia’s visibility. When the rapper collaborated with Russ on “Best On Earth,” Rihanna‘s social media co-sign sent the track through the roof. This year, Bia performed at Ri’s Savage x Fenty show and couldn’t contain her excitement when speaking about the “full circle moment.”

“This is like one of my favorite moments of my whole career and my whole life,” said the rapper. “It’s absolutely a full-circle moment. I love Russ. He’s such a great friend of mine and I love Rihanna so much. She’s so top-tier of absolute taste level. For her to embrace my music and to also shine light on me as an artist, it’s just the biggest dream. I just love her, I’m so grateful.”

Just in case you missed it, check out Bia’s Savage x Fenty performance below.


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