112 Singer Slim Airs Out Former Members Over Trademark Court Case

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The Bad Boy hitmakers gave us several Hip Hop and R&B classics, but they’ve been at odds in court for the past few years.

The R&B beef is real today (October 26) as one of the singers of 112 calls out his groupmates. The Atlanta R&B group found mega-success in the 1990s and gave us classics like “Only You” and “Peaches and Cream,” but in recent years, there has been trouble brewing behind the scenes. In May 2019, Q Parker reportedly filed for bankruptcy, and that same month, news surfaced that Slim sued two other members of the group for using the group’s trademark without permission.

The drama was still ongoing the following year when 112 appeared on Verzuz with Jagged Edge, albeit sans two members: Q and Daron. Because Slim sued them, they decided to sit it out, and Slim is now airing out more of their business in a lengthy post he shared to Instagram.

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Slim explained how he became the owner of the 112 trademark.

“My hope is that those who are pursuing music don’t practice this type of business,” he wrote. “First let me say I forgive all those that have wronged me any way…I just will never forget. I trademarked 112 in 2018…8 years after it was abandoned, ANYONE could have done it. For me 112 is a priority so business wise it made sense to protect what I risked everything for.”

The group members nor the management knew about the trademark filing and when Slim revealed the truth, some members decided to leave 112 but were told not to use the name. They also accused him of stealing money, something he vehemently denies. However, they apparently did continue to book appearances using the 112 name.

“One former was in the church, why use a secular name? The other wanted to do solo projects, why use a brand you walked away from AGAIN? Could have easily did this and stayed in the group,” said Slim. “To all promoters, venues and agencies following me…PLEASE DON’T LET THEM PUT YOU IN ANY UNNECESSARY SITUATIONS WITH INFRINGEMENT.”

Read through all of the drama and accusations of deceit below.

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