Summer Walker Reveals 2 Album Covers For “Still Over It”

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Summer Walker unveils two cover artworks for her highly-anticipated upcoming album “Still Over It.”

Summer Walker is all set to release her new studio album Still Over It, a continuation from her previous release Over It, next week. As broken-hearted music fans and R&B lovers patiently wait for the release of her sophomore project, Summer has unveiled two cover artworks that she will be using, telling fans that one is for the digital drop, and the other for physical copies.

The physical album cover, which will be available in stores, shows a picture of the artist holding her one-year-old baby while making a meal in the kitchen, showing off her stressful life as a single mother. The digital cover is a different mood, using a picture of Summer behind the wheel of her car, reaching her hand out through the window to seemingly block the paparazzi from taking pictures of her. She wears a pair of dark black sunglasses in the shot.

Still Over It has had one of the best album rollouts of the entire year, getting fans excited for the upcoming release. Working with the Love Renaissance team, Summer has had activations across the country to hype up the release, including a shatter-proof glass box in the streets where fans were encouraged to try and break up the glass to gain possession of Summer’s hard drive, which contains an early listen to the album.

In the last few weeks, Summer released the lead single for Still Over It, titled “Ex For A Reason,” with JT of the City Girls. Check that out below, as well as the two album covers for the project.

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