Soulja Boy Says He Could’ve Signed NBA Youngboy After Dissing YB Fans

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Soulja Boy claims he missed the opportunity to sign NBA Youngboy to SODMG.

Soulja Boy has found a way to feud practically everyone possible, including NBA Youngboy’s loyal and dedicated fanbase. It’s not uncommon to find Youngboy fans in the comment section of any artist claiming that “YB Better.” Or, they’ll clown an artist by telling them they’ve fallen off or claiming “ratio,” whatever that means.

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Ultimately, Soulja Boy made it clear he has no problems with NBA Youngboy. During the latest episode of Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast, he dove into his recent spat with Youngboy’s fans, explaining that it actually had nothing to do with the incarcerated rapper. At first, he said that he brushed off YB’s fans who continued to tell him that he fell off but after a while, he started trolling them back. “I fuck with Youngboy. It’s just, he has some crazy ass fans,” he explained. “You gotta remember, bruh. The internet and the streets 2 different things,” he added, clarifying that the Internet trolls who support Youngboy so much are the ones that he was targeting with his previous tweets.

For Soulja Boy, the retaliation against Youngboy fans finally ended the incessant trolling. However, he said that he had already discussed what seemed like a diss towards YB with OG 3Three to squash any potential tension between the two.

Later on in the interview, Soulja Boy revealed that Youngboy actually reached out to him early on in his career to secure a deal with SODMG.

“Youngboy, this n***a DM’d me [in] 2016, ‘I’m from Baton Rouge, I’m 16. I’m trying to make it…’ And I DM’d the n***a back. I’m like, ‘Wassup?’ And he hit me back like ‘Wassup?’ But I didn’t see the wassup until a month. He was signed,” Soulja Boy explained. “I could’ve signed NBA Youngboy but n***as don’t knowin’ shit like that.”

Check out the full episode below.

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