Boosie Badazz Won’t Appear On “Verzuz”: “I Ain’t In The Battle Rappinig”

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There have been rumors about Boosie’s participation on the hit series but he has shut it down.

If you were hoping to stroll your way through Verzuz as you watch Boosie Badazz perform “Wipe Me Down,” you’re facing a disappointment. Trick Daddy recently stated that he was approached by the Verzuz team to appear alongside Boosie, but he didn’t want to participate. In an interview with VladTV, Boosie echoed his sentiments and detailed why his music isn’t made for the Verzuz stage.

“Nah, I ain’t never wanna do no Verzuz. They just got at me about another Verzuz,” he said. “I ain’t never want to do no Verzuz. I just turned down a Verzuz.”

Boosie Badazz
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“I didn’t even know who it was against and they just got to my manager and asked if I want to do it and I turned it down.” Vlad wanted to know if he was offered a lot of money for his appearance.

“Nah, it wasn’t no helluva bag,” Bossie said with a smile. “I feel [it was] more of a benefit they situation. You want Boosie jumping you gotta—c’mon bruh. Like, bro. You know like, I just ain’t with that. I just feel like that ain’t my character going against somebody, rapping against somebody back and forth. When I get in the studio, I’m focused on pain, I’m focused on so much real sh*t.”

“I ain’t in the battle. I ain’t in the battle rapping. I ain’t with that Verzuz sh*t. A lot of people done lost they lives to my music. Like, I feel like that ain’t part of my character. My music different, bro.” Watch Boosie explain his position below.

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