Wale Says Freddie Gibbs Is Lying About Being Taken Off “Folarin II”

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The two rappers went back and forth on Twitter but in the end it was all love.

Wale and Freddie Gibbs are two of the most prolific lyricists in hip-hop. They’re also two of the most prolific tweeters in hip-hop.

So when Gibbs saw that he was left off Wale’s new album, Folarin II, he naturally took to Twitter.

“Go get @wale new album tonight even tho he took me off it. I guess the n***a gon put me on the deluxe,” Gibbs wrote, finishing the tweet with a shrugging emoji. “I guess imma be on Folarin 3.”

Wale, never one to shy away from any Twitter controversy, shot back immediately.

Quote Tweeting the Bandana rapper, Wale wrote, “Gibbs be lying. @MarkRonson ain’t clear it yet . But also mark wants us to do a project together . But FG would rather be a Twitter honey., crazy.”

While both rappers seemed to be airing each other out on social media, it was clear neither Wale nor Gibbs meant any malice. Last December, the two were filmed working in the studio together and it’s obvious their collaboration was a victim of sample clearances, or lack thereof.

Mark Ronson, who Wale blamed for Gibbs’ disappearance from Folarin II, chimed in after the fact, writing “I haven’t been this relevant in years….also @Wale album is *fire emojis*,” and both rappers seemed to resolve the disagreement before the end of the night, with Gibbs tweeting a simple, “I *heart* Wale,” and the Folarin rapper quoting it with a monacle-adorned emoji.

Whether or not we’ll ever hear the alleged Wale x Freddie Gibbs collab is yet to be seen, but according to both parties, it exists, and according to Wale, there is the possibility of a Ronson-produced, full-length project between the two. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and bring you any developments but, in the meantime, go check out Wale’s new record Folarin II, with guest verses from J. ColeRick Ross, Maxo Kream and more.


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