Travis Scott Rumored To Release New Mixtape Before “Utopia”

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Travis Scott fans think the rapper will release a mixtape called “Dystopia” before his new album “Utopia.”

Houston rapper Travis Scott might have more than just one full-length body of work planned for his fans in the next year. According to the latest rumors going around, some fans are under the belief that Travis will release two projects in the next few months, starting with a mixtape called Dystopia.

We all already know about La Flame’s upcoming studio album Utopia, which has been teased for over a year. Apparently, Travis might be thinking of introducing a whole other mixtape called Dystopia in the coming weeks, which would mark the first look into this new era for him. And much like he did with Days Before Rodeo and Rodeo a few years ago, this could be his way of gradually bringing fans into his world.

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The rumors are coming from a few different sources, including @OnnThinIce on Twitter. The account points out that Travis posed for pictures in i-D’s “Utopia in Dystopia” edition, also specifying that Utopia was always intended to drop in 2022.

OnnThinIce has proven to be a reliable source in the last few years, being one of the first accounts to post about Eminem‘s surprise release last year. While the Dystopia news should be taken with a grain of salt, it could end up becoming true in the next few weeks. Definitely something to stay tuned about!

What do you think? Would you be down for another Days Before type drop from Travis?



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