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Tone Stith Makes A Sultry Plea On New Song “I Don’t Wanna”

Tidal/RCA Records

Tidal/RCA Records

The New Jersey-raised R&B artist aims to capture a lover’s attention with lush melodies and earnest promises.

Contemporary R&B singer-songwriter Tone Stith is offering listeners more of what they love about his music with teasers of his forthcoming EP Still FWM?, including the latest drop of his song “I Don’t Wanna”. The single is a close follow-up to his 9-track EP FWM? released back in June, featuring a hypnotic collage of Tone Stith’s smooth vocals over entrancing soundscapes blending pop and R&B influences.

On the track, Tone Stith vents about his feelings for an enigmatic partner, fond of their shared chemistry. “I got a lot on my mind/Need you right here to unwind/Me and you got too much chemistry/Almost like we the same zodiac sign,” he croons, elevated with the sleepy strum of a guitar.

With that, he launches into his catchy hook. “I don’t wanna wait/You should be closer,” he sings, lost in his memories of their shared time and space. Throughout the rest of the track, Tone Stith continues to construct the world he’s building with his new music. An immersive and ethereal look into his romantic desires, sensual fantasies, and continued devotion to sonic exploration.

According to the track list, “I Don’t Wanna” is slated to be the EP’s first record, followed by collaborations with Chris BrownKenneth Paige, and Maeta. Set to drop later this month, Still FWM? clearly has much for Tone Stith fans to look forward to.

Listen to “I Don’t Wanna” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Ain’t got all night, come get it
Fast forward to the part with the credits
I’ma make you say my name like I direct it
Skip all the intros like your favorite show on Netflix

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