New & Hottest Songs – October 2021 – Pt.29

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Curren$y Rides Around With “Angels On The Hood”



A stand-out off of Spitta’s “Still Stoned On Ocean.”

Curren$y‘s closing out the year with a bang. While that isn’t anything new for the New Orleans rapper, he’s keeping up with the strict release scheduled he outlined earlier this year. The rapper announced seven projects that he was releasing which included the Kino Beats-produced, Matching Rolexes. On Friday, he came through with his latest body of work, Still Stoned On Ocean.

The rapper’s new project boasts minimal features, allowing Spitta to shine in all of his glory. The rapper takes on triumphant production for the stand-out, “Angels On The Hood” — an homage to the ornament that comes with every Rolls Royce. Curren$y celebrates his independent earnings on the track while scoffing at those who’ve attempted to bring him down.

Check the record out below.

Quotable Lyrics
I got the angel on the hood ’cause my money good
Smokin’ killa, big livin’, like a rich n***a should
I know them fools try to get me if they could
I’m too in love with the shit to let ’em do it

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