Coi Leray Uplifts Latto After Rapper Complains About “Hate Train”

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Coi Leray stands up for Latto after haters criticize her new single “Big Energy.”

There has been a wave of criticism hitting social media following the release of Atlanta rapper Latto’s new single “Big Energy.” The Dr. Luke-produced single is the first release from Latto in a while, marking her next era as she rolls out her sophomore studio album. It has been picked apart by music lovers on social media, who are drawing comparisons between Latto’s new song and Doja Cat’s flows, with some even calling Latto one of Doja’s “sons.”

Latto has officially fired back against the people who aren’t loving her new music, calling out her critics and saying that she’s undeserving of the hate.

“I hate this Latto hate train I feel so misunderstood being I’m literally the least problematic person ever irl,” wrote the rapper on Twitter.

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She’s received support from Coi Leray, another overly-hated rapper, who told Latto to keep her head up and continue stepping on necks.

“They forget we human too,” said the trendsetter. “It’s all good keep applying pressure ! IM TEAM LATTO ALL DAY.”

Latto has been criticized for years, since before her name change. Previously, the rapper was going as “Mulatto,” which changed earlier this year when she released her single “The Biggest.” Despite the switch-up, people are still hating on Latto.

Check out her new song below, and her exchange with Coi Leray underneath.



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