Ice Cube Reveals The Biggest Risk He’s Ever Taken

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Ice Cube has always been a risk-taker.

Ice Cube is one of the biggest legends in all of hip-hop. From his work with N.W.A. to his solo career, there is no doubt that Cube is one of the most influential voices to ever touch the mic. In addition to his music, Cube has become a movie star who also has quite an entrepreneurial spirit. As of right now, the artist has been spending most of his time with the BIG3, which is his basketball league that recently played out its championships in the Bahamas.

While he was there, HipHopDx asked Cube about what the biggest risk of his career was. Cube has been through a lot so there were certainly plenty of answers to choose from. In the end, however, Cube spoke about his decision to leave N.W.A., which could have gone either way.

Ice Cube

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“I think leaving N.W.A, that was a big risk,” Cube said. “It could have went all bad from there after reaching the mountain top and you just kind of throw yourself off. So that could have went bad, but it taught me how to trust myself, trust what I see and what I believe. And I was dedicated to not letting this business change who I am. I feel nothing is worth saving. Do what you feel or don’t do it. Don’t worry about the past or the future, just do what you feel. And you’ll be able to live with yourself at the end of the day, whether anybody like it or not. As long as you can live with yourself, that’s all that matters.”

In the end, things worked out for Cube as he remained a superstar in the music world. Now, he is one of the most successful rappers out of the West Coast, and his progression has been incredible to witness.

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