Curren$y Is Back With Another New Album “Matching Rolexes”

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Curren$y Spitta links with Kino Beats for his new album “Matching Rolexes,” keeping his monumental streak in motion.

Curren$y is back with a new album, mere weeks after being back with…a new album. Such is simply his way. The man is incapable of slowing down, and given that he has continuously delivered quality material with more consistency than the majority of his rap game peers.

At the end of August, Spitta linked up with Trauma Tone to deliver Highest In Charge — which you can check out right here — and now he’s linked with Kino Beats for Matching Rolexes. Throughout the project’s eleven-track runtime, which features guest appearances from BluValee, and Dej Loaf, Spitta brings his charismatic presence to a wide array of instrumentals from Kino.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the core of Curren$y‘s magnetism, there’s something to be said about his ability to blend everyman charm with a luxury lifestyle; it’s uniquely refreshing in a scene where rappers tend to favor the latter. True, he may still be the “Yacht Master,” with more vintage automobiles than James Bond, but this is also the man who’d rather be rocking “a white tee and some jewelry” (“Heart In This Shit”) than the latest in haute couture.

Though this probably goes without saying, Matching Rolexes is hardly the last we’ll see from Curren$y in 2021. He recently outlined a six-album release schedule, with four remaining projects. Stoned Ocean will follow on October 8th, while the Harry Fraud-produced Regatta on October 29th. Land Air Sea is next, produced in entirety by Cash Fargo. In December, the anticipated Alchemist-produced Half Moon Bay lands on the 10th, while a fan-favorite series continues with Pilot Talk 4 on the 24th, also produced by trusted collaborator Ski Beats.

Check out Matching Rolexes now, and sound off if you’re enjoying Spitta’s triumphant run this year.

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