New & Hottest Songs – September 2021 – Pt.51

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Dark Lo & Havoc Link Up For “Mob Tales”

2021 H Class Entertainment / Next Records, LLC

2021 H Class Entertainment / Next Records, LLC

Dark Lo and Havoc announce new album “Extreme Measures,” setting the tone with “Mob Tales.”

As he’s currently about to begin serving a seven-year sentence for witness tampering, Dark Lo is determined to give his fans as much material as he can prior. Shortly after delivering the back-to-back tandem of the Harry Fraud-produced album Borrowed Time and the Don-V-assisted Lamb, Lo is back with a brand new album produced by and featuring the legendary Havoc.

With their Extreme Measures project due out for release on September 24th, the pair have come through to release the lead single “Mob Tales.” Over a contemplative and melancholic mafioso instrumental, Havoc and Lo spit gritty bars and highlight a dangerous sort of chemistry. “I’m very excited about my project with Lo,” explains Havoc, in a press release. “It’s been a minute since I worked with an artist that has such a gritty sound, and that appeals to me.”

If you share the same tastes as Havoc, consider diving into “Mob Tales,” the latest look at the upcoming Extreme Measures project.

Quotable Lyrics

No life raft, whole life flash
Front on Hav, n***a not a wise path
It ain’t addin’ up, baby I done did the fuckin math for you
Planned for you, this not for you, blood boil
I destroy you, I been had it in for you

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