Styles P Is Tired Of Drake & Kanye West’s “Beef”

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Styles P is absolutely baffled by the ongoing drama between Drake and Kanye West: “Go around the corner and sqaure up or fu*kin’ hug!”

Styles P is one of the game’s wisest sages, speaking with authority and approachable good-natured humor. He also happens to be one of the most consistent rappers in the game, respected by his peers and valued by the hip-hop community at large.

A few days ago, Pinero held it down with an appearance on the I Am Ahtelte podcast, chopping it up with Brandon Marshall, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor. Though a variety of interesting topics were covered, one of the more entertaining moments arrived when P was asked about the ongoing drama between Drake and Kanye.

Styles P

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“It’s a worthless battle,” declares Styles. “It’s really an egotistical and prideful battle. Think about what we’re doing right now. One guy saying he’s a Certified Lover Boy,” says Styles. “One guy titled the album after his dead mom, God rest the dead, much condolences. Why are we comparing them? Sonically, I like Drake‘s album better. Content-wise, I like Kanye’s album better. I don’t have to put myself in a box and say which one is better.”

“I have two fuckin’ individuals in myself that say ‘content-wise, this guy’s relating to his mom, talking about Christ and all types of other shit,” he continues. “[Drake] is talking about rich shit, money, chicks he forgot, people mad at him, how much money he got, chicks he loved who left him, he’s singing. He’s singing about girls, [Ye’s] singing about Christ. I want to hear Nas, Westside, and myself!”

Styles P

 Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“I love them both,” concludes P. “We can’t let them give us the narrative and keep programming us for the crab in a barrel narrative. They ain’t gon’ fight. They ain’t saying no crazy shit. They gon’ try to dress better than each other, buy better watches. Date better models. Buy better cars. Mention paintings. I’m tired of it. You should get Nas album. J. Cole‘s album. Westside Gunn‘s album. My fuckin album. Everybody else album — they ain’t even fighting or arguing! Go around the corner and sqaure up or fuckin’ hug!”

Protect Styles P at all costs — he truly does have an incredible way with words, cutting straight to the core. Check out his full appearance on I Am Athlete below, and for more from the Ghost, check out our own exclusive interview with The LOX right here.

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