T.I. Addresses Allegations, Being Seen As A “Creep,” And His Final Album

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During an extensive interview with the Big Facts Podcast, T.I. opened up about the allegations, being labeled a “creep,” and his final album.

It’s been a roller coaster for T.I. of late, as the Atlanta rapper has recently found his reputation under scrutiny following a series of disturbing allegations. Though he attempted to offer his perspective on the controversy with the song “What It’s Come To,” many have been waiting to see how the situation plays out before drawing a firm conclusion.

As it happens, T.I. actually addressed many of the allegations during an interview with the Big Facts Podcast, where hosts Big Bank, DJ Scream and Baby Jade inquired about some of the claims being made about Tip’s character.

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“Listen man, that shit don’t hurt me,” says Tip, prompting Big Bank to cut straight to the heart of the matter. “What the hell they talking about you drugging hoes n’ shit?” asks Big Bank. “What’s going on with that shit!?”

T.I. shakes his head, adamantly maintaining that “shit didn’t happen.” He continues, explaining that the allegations eventually reached the ears of the feds. “That shit got sent to the feds,” he says. “They sent that shit to GBI. I trust every legal faculty to do their job.” Bank reminds T.I that there was a man leveling accusations against him — “you going crazy, boy!”


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“To be honest with you bro, stupid people listen to stupid people,” continues Tip. “It’s simple as that. The name of the show is Big Facts. You show me one motherfuckin’ big fact on the subject and we can have this discussion. This shit started January 29th.”

“You go to any superstar’s house or any kind of private gathering, you’re going to sign [an NDA],” he states. “Privacy and anonymity must be held in high regard. That don’t mean nobody doing anything.” When Bank notes that one of the parties involved — Sabrina Peterson — wanted an apology, Tip reacts with a defiant middle finger. “Hey man, I told you before,” he adds. “I know from whence my blessings come, I’m not negotiating with no terrorist. Do your worst.”

In another moment, Tip addresses how people have come to see him as a “creep,” noting that he believed he had earned goodwill through “decades of helping his community.” “Motherfuckers want me to be a creep so fucking bad,” he exclaims. “Where’d that come from? A Peepin-Tom ass muthafucka. An old under-the-bed-sniffin’-socks muthafucka. I ain’t never presented myself as nuthin’ but a playa. I don’t understand where this narrative came from.”


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“Let’s take the instance with my daughter Deyjah,” he continues, addressing a moment that many of his critics would likely call exhibit A. “I made a joke, I spoke on something. Granted, I probably shouldn’t have spoke on it, and it probably wasn’t a laughing matter. Only because she didn’t find it funny. How did it go from that to he must be messin with her, he forced her to go?”

“People are a culmination of our experiences,” he says. “Most people have been exposed to creep-ass n***as. Most people had some exposure to a creep, to where they see or hear certain things they expect creep shit. That’s what leads their opinions. No disrespect…I ain’t never had no experience as a child with a creep. I ain’t got no desire to be a creep.”

It’s a passionate response from the Atlanta rapper, though it’s uncertain as to whether or not it will turn the tides of public favor. In any case, T.I. seems determined to keep it moving, maintaining that his upcoming project Kill The King is due to be his last. “I don’t care enough,” he admits. “I just don’t care about the same shit other muthafuckers out there care about…At this point. It did at one time. When I went to prison and came home, I learned what the fuck was important.”

For those interested in hearing T.I. speaking on those topics and more, check out the full episode of the Big Facts Podcast below.

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