Twista Absolutely Snaps On “Shooter Ready”

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Twista absolutely snaps over dark and haunting production on his new album “Shooter Ready.”

Twista is easily one of the best when it comes to flow, and has been elevating his game in that department for decades now. To this day, the Midwest chopper remains as sharp as ever, showcasing as much on his new project Shooter Ready, a seven-track reminder of exactly what he’s capable of behind the microphone.

While Shooter Ready isn’t quite full-length, clocking in at a brief twenty-one-minute runtime, the project certainly feels plenty of concentrated bars and signature dexterity from Twista. It also benefits from a refreshingly dark tone, evidenced early on with the standout “Dark Days,” which finds him reuniting with “Adrenaline Rush” collaborator YungBuk. In fact, Twista’s blistering verse is so technically incredible that it’s a wonder more people aren’t marveling at the depth of his ability.

The pace doesn’t quite let up. Production-wise, Shooter Ready seems to revel in the spooky and unsettling, and Twista absolutely snaps on tracks like “Prayer” and “Glock.” Lyrically, Twista generally moves militantly on this one, positioning himself as a formidable foe capable of handling business with calculated precision. Longtime fans would be wise to check out Twista’s latest, and while it’s not quite album length, there’s plenty of replay value given the quality of the material. After all, this is Twista absolutely snapping over haunting production — what’s not to love about that?

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