Fivio Foreign Reveals Kanye West Said He Reminds Him Of Jay-Z

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Fivio Foreign details recording “Off The Grid” with Kanye West and ‘Ye’s role on his forthcoming album.

Fivio Foreign, fresh out of jail, returned with two monstrous verses — once, alongside Funk Flex’s radio show where he delivered “First Day Out” bars, then again once he appeared on Kanye’s DONDA. The rapper’s verse on “Off The Grid” alongside Playboy Carti stole the show on the album but with Fivio’s album The Bible on the way, Kanye is said to have a significant role in the project.

The Brooklyn drill star sat down with Power 106’s where he detailed connecting with Kanye West, who he described as incredibly polite. After vibing out together and meeting in person, Fivio sat in the studio with Kanye to record “Off The Grid.” The “Story Time” rapper said that his verse on “Off The Grid” is so long because Kanye told him to keep recording after every eight bars.

Obviously, there’s a close relationship between the two after their Donda session. Fivio explained that he and Kanye sat down for dinner during the recording process where the Brooklyn rapper asked Ye, “Who do I remind you of?”

“He like, ‘I don’t know. That’s a good question, right?’ So boom, question done or whatever… So we start eating or whatever, boom, boom, he just said, ‘I don’t know.’ We ain’t worrying about it too much but then it’s like something hit him. He’s like, ‘Yo, I got it — HOV,'” Fivio recounted. “I’m like, ‘Hov?’ He’s like, ‘HOV!'”

Check out the interview below and let us know what your thoughts are.

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