Queen Naija Is Considering A Name Change

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Queen cites confusion about her name’s origin.

Queen Naija is thinking about changing her legal name.

The singer, whose real first and middle name is Queen Naija, took to social media to reveal that she was considering changing the spelling of her middle name because she allegedly gets accused of calling herself the Queen of Nigeria

“I think I wanna legally change the spelling of my middle name “Naija” to “Najah” cause so many people think I’m calling myself the Queen of Nigeria.”

In response, many fans were quick to point out that they’ve never heard the argument made over the confusion of her name, pointing out the fact that her middle name actually has multiple meanings across various languages. Still, for all the trouble it might have caused, the name has served the songstress well so far.

This year, she followed up on her misunderstood album to share misunderstood…still. It expanded on the original album, which arrived nearly a year ago, adding names like Ari Lennox t the mix via the “Set Him Up” collaboration that the two women share.

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