DJ Envy Explains Why He Called Kanye West A “Clown”

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DJ Envy doubles down on his belief that Kanye West is a “clown,” further explaining his position on The Breakfast Club.

During yesterday’s episode of The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy sparked discussion after labelling Kanye West to be a “clown,” maintaining that his negative energy and treatment of others earned him the unflattering label.

Though he didn’t provide any concrete examples, he alluded to an incident that transpired behind the scenes, possibly connected to one of the previous Donda listening events.

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“People are going to say he’s having problems, an episode, and there’s so many people around him who should be making sure he’s okay — and they’re not,” said Envy. “That whole team and what they’re doing is clown work.”

Unsurprisingly, Envy’s hard-lined anti-Yeezy stance opened the floodgates, and he proceeded to further elaborate on his position during this morning’s Breakfast Club. “I called him a clown and I still stand by that and I still mean that,” says Envy. “So many people called me. Artists, athletes, OGs, newer artists, younger artists. Kanye’s team. They asked me why I felt that way, and I explained why I felt that way.”

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“They asked me why the people that I named — Pusha T, John Monopoly, Free, and Bu — were like that too,” he continues. “Like I said, you enable him to do it. You don’t stop him from doing the wild out stuff behind the scenes that’s really disrespectful. He should be humbled. They told me ‘that’s a lie.’ They were like ‘when you’re dealing with someone who has emotional problems you can’t necessarily control him.’ You do what you can to make sure things are alright.”

“They said they agree that some of the things he does is foul, but they can’t control that man,” says Envy. “I called them clowns as well. And I called Pusha T yesterday, I called Free yesterday. I spoke to Bu yesterday, and we had a great conversation. They told me what they’re doing to help that situation, and to those brothers, I get it. Me calling you a clown was foul. But I still think Kanye is a clown…The shit he on is clownish. I still like the Yeezys though.”

Check out Envy’s breakdown of his Kanye West stance below, and should you be intrigued by the album that sparked the discussion in the first place — stream Donda right here.

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