WS Boogie Launches Album Rollout With A Skit

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Westside Boogie sets the table ahead of his new album, poking fun at the long delay with a self-deprecating skit.

It’s been a minute since Westside Boogie delivered a studio album, with his most recent effort being 2019’s Everything’s For Sale.

Since then, fans have been left waiting for the Compton rapper to resurface with another project. While it’s been a minute since we heard any news on that front, it appears as if Boogie is once again in rollout mode. Once again, he has opted to take a comedic approach, uploading an amusing and self-deprecating skit on his Instagram page.

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“Shit getting outta hand…” he captions, unleashing a skit that finds him facing impatient fans at all corners — even the generally docile Siri has little to no time for his procrastination, demanding the Shady Records signee to step up and hit the studio.

Now, it’s unclear as to whether or not this skit actually means we’ll be seeing new music from Boogie in the near future, but it’s still nice to see him actively acknowledging the extended wait. It stands to reason that we’ll be seeing some concrete news about his Everything’s For Sale follow-up, especially now that his fellow Shady labelmate GRIP delivered his brand new album I Died For This!? 

Speaking of Shady, should WS Boogie indeed drop, the label will be looking at a strong year across the board. Especially with Conway’s long-anticipated God Don’t Make Mistakes on the horizon, though Machine has yet to share a release date for that one.  In any case, keep an eye out for more news on WS Boogie’s next release, and should you cross his path in a public space, rest assured that he doesn’t need any more reminders.

Are you excited to see where he goes on his next album? Hit the comments with your thoughts below.

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