Soulja Boy Still Open To Working With Kanye West

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Despite attacking Kanye West’s character and threatening a diss track, Soulja Boy isn’t ready to rule out a future collaboration.

When it comes to constructing his albums, Kanye West can be a little bit impulsive, to say the least. On his latest release Donda, which unexpectedly dropped early Sunday morning complete with a slew of guest appearances and producers, many artists who actively contributed to the project found their verses on the cutting room floor.

Chris Brown wasn’t exactly pleased with the way Donda’s released went down, calling Kanye a “hoe” and threatening to deliver a diss trackCalboy also found his verse cut from the final tracklist, prompting him to contemplate leaking it regardless. Yet none were quite so enraged as Soulja Boy, who was originally supposed to appear on the Young Thug-assisted “Remote Control.”

Soulja Boy

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Despite Kanye seemingly inviting him to be included on the track, Soulja was ultimately cut from the final version — prompting him to let fly a vitriolic rant at the man he once called an inspiration. In addition to the antagonistic words, Soulja also leaked his recorded verse while threatening to drop a diss track of his own. Suffice it to say, it looked as if Soulja had all but washed his hands of Kanye…or did he?

During a conversation with TMZ, Soulja Boy actually considers the idea of linking up with Yeezy in the future. “I ain’t trippin like that, you know what I’m sayin?” says Soulja. “It was more explaining it to my fans so they not in the dark about the situation. As far as making music, I’m always open to create. It ain’t nothing like that where I’ll never work with Kanye again.” Still, he’s not about to let Yeezy use Universal as an excuse, claiming any such statements are “cap.”

Kanye West

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“Why didn’t he say that before the album came out?” asks Soulja. “You waited until I expressed myself on social media and made an excuse. You know Kanye West ain’t going to let anybody release his album without his permission. Just say you fucked up, you left Big Draco off the album, don’t blame it off the label.”

“You could have called me,” he continues. “Been like ‘Draco, this the reason why you’re out. This the reason why you didn’t make the album. Don’t say it’s because of the label. You could have personally called me…just like you called me personally to ask me to be on the album.”

A seemingly measured response, and a stark contrast to the energy he has exhibited in the wake of Donda’s release. Though he certainly seems open to burying the hatchet and moving on, that hasn’t stopped Draco from continuing to stir the pot on social media. Check out Soulja Boy’s response to Kanye West below.

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