Shyne Explains How He Was Able To Forgive Diddy

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Shyne explains how he forgave Diddy and mended their friendship.

The Honourable Shyne is finally back in the United States after being deported back to Belize following his incarceration. Back in 1999, Shyne was involved in a shooting with Diddy and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez at a New York City nightclub, and Shyne ended up being sentenced to ten years in prison. He was released a couple of years early but was forced to return to his home country of Belize.

These days, Shyne is the Leader of the Opposition in Belize. Last week, he finally returned to the States with Diddy’s help, getting in the country as a diplomat. He reunited with Diddy face-to-face and, over the weekend, he also popped up at JAY-Z’s event celebrating the anniversary of his 40/40 Club. During a recent interview with HipHopDX, Shyne spoke about how he forgave Diddy after being sentenced to ten years, and how he continues to work on mending their friendship.

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“I think all families that I know on planet Earth have disputes and difficulties, and that’s part of a family,” he said. “And I think you have to have perspective, and you have to have a vision and a focus as to where you’re going. I try not to focus on people and I try to focus on myself. Once I heal and once I get clarity as to my purpose and my mission, then taking the baggage of yesterday with me is not practical. You can’t move forward taking things from 23 years ago with you.

I have purged myself of whatever resentment and whatever blame and whatever anger and frustration and devastation. I’ve rid myself of that because I can’t carry that with me because I need to make room for all these people that I’m trying to help, that have so much baggage and such a load to carry, and I’m trying to lift them. So I can’t lift them up if I’ve got negativity holding me down.

That’s how that came out, just in a different mind-state, just in a different place. And so once you’re in a different place, things open up. And I just think Diddy and I, we were always close. And that’s why it was so devastating and emotions were where they were. If it was just business, then you wouldn’t care and you’d just take it for what it was. So as I said, your family, you disagree, you might not speak for years, but you always love your family. So once you get to a place of forgiveness and a place of healing, then you can move on to where you need to go. Then you and your family can reconnect.”

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Watch footage from Shyne and Diddy’s reunion here.


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