Kim Kardashian Promotes Kanye West’s “DONDA” By Listening On Mute

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Kim Kardashian posted multiple Instagram Stories of her listening to Kanye West’s new album “DONDA,” but fans noticed that her volume was muted.

Kim Kardashian has been supporting her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s latest album release, making appearances at every single one of Kanye West‘s listening events for DONDA, his tenth studio album. At the culmination of the final listening session in Chicago, Illinois, Kim donned a wedding dress and took the stage with Kanye, appearing to renew their vows. Apparently, Kanye has even been telling his friends that they’re getting back together, but nobody believes him.

Now that the album is officially out, Kim has been promoting the project on social media. DONDA is presently expected to debut at #1 on the charts with Kanye’s highest sales figures in nearly a decade, and Kim posted some of her favorite songs from the album on Instagram Stories to encourage her fans to keep streaming. However, one thing was off.

As many fans have pointed out, Kim posted Stories of herself listening to the album, including the songs “Hurricane” and “Lord I Need You,” on mute. The volume was completely turned down to the bottom of the scale, and eventually, Kim caught on and replaced the posts with updated screenshots of her listening at a more respectable volume, but fans couldn’t help but make jokes about the mistake.

Kim and Kanye have not spoken publicly about where they stand right now, but it’s clear that they will continue to support one another in the media.

Check out some of the posts about Kim listening to DONDA on mute.


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