Evidence Shares “Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 2”

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Check out a brand new instrumental tape by Evidence.

Evidence has proven to be a rapper’s rapper, as well as a producer’s producer. After offering fans his project, Unlearning Vol. 1 earlier this year, he’s slid through with a brand new instrumental project titled, Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 2. Laced up 26 tracks, and a run time clocking at nearly 40 minutes, Evidence’s latest project puts his ear for production in the spotlight. With tracks like “Mac Mill” and “The Legend Of Conway,” perhaps it’s fair to say some of these beats were made with specific people in mind.

The latest instrumental project from Evidence serves as the sequel to 2019’s Squirrel Tap Instrumentals Vol. 1.

Check the tracklist below.

  1. New Lead
  2. Bogota
  3. Loose Change
  5. Two Crates
  6. Quebec
  7. Sunday Squirrel
  8. Tammy
  9. Hymnal
  10. Under Thr Ground
  11. Own No Loops
  12. Peaceful Place
  13. The Woods
  14. Horizon
  15. Bilingual
  16. From The Mud
  17. Drawbridge
  18. Flying Squirrels
  19. One Two
  20. Earth On Hell
  21. Mac Mill
  22. Bay
  23. The Legend Of Conway
  24. Shooting Film
  25. Holy Umbrella
  26. B Room

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