DaBaby’s Manager Calls “Cap” After Kanye West Claims He Wouldn’t Clear Verse

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Kanye West claimed that DaBaby’s label wouldn’t clear his verse for “Jail Pt 2” which is now available for streaming.

Kanye West made an interesting choice to replace Jay-Z with DaBaby on “Jail Pt 2” when he hosted a third listening party for DONDAin Chicago. Fans were confused and disappointed at the decision but what was more shocking was the fact that Kanye alleged the reason the album wasn’t on streaming services was that DaBaby‘s manager wouldn’t clear his verse. ‘Ye shared a screenshot of a conversation with his manager who said that the album couldn’t be uploaded until the verse was cleared.

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Arnold Taylor, the CEO of SCMG, took to Instagram where he directly responded to both Kanye West and Bu about DaBaby’s verse. Apparently, Yeezy is lying. “This is CAP, I woke up this morning to this social media bullshit. I never got a call or email from @kanyewest @__bu @johnmonopoly,” he wrote along with a repost of Kanye’s IG posts.

Taylor explained that he only received the verse today and then cleared it immediately. “I just received it today and Cleared it in 2 seconds. Why wouldn’t I want a hit song out when #SCMG is all about the growth and culture of hip hop and my artist,” he continued. “To all of the media blogs and outlets don’t believe everything you see in a post, thank you!!! #SCMGShit.”

It turns out to be true. While the original version of “Jail” comes in at #2 on the DONDA tracklist, Kanye and co. quietly updated the project’s tracklist to include the second version of “Jail” with DaBaby which is now available on TIDAL, though it does appear blacked out on Spotify.

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