Fat Joe Seemingly Responds To Cuban Link’s Snitch Allegation

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After Cuban Link accused him of being a snitch, Fat Joe took to Instagram to seemingly respond to the buzzing controversy.

Fat Joe has been making headlines of late, whether he’s endearing the masses with his Verzuz commentary, ogling his former collaborator Ashanti, or finding his new Gangsta Grillz mixtape What Would Big Do 2021 removed from streaming platforms.

Today, Joe has found himself dealing with an unexpected situation after original Terror Squad member Cuban Link came forward to accuse him of being a snitch.

In an effort to further discredit Joe, with whom he has been beefing for years now, Link shared images of alleged paperwork on his Instagram page, as initially brought to the forefront by Star on The Star And Buck Wild Show. Adding insult to injury, Link also included a brutally disrespectful message, likening Joe to a “pale beluga whale” and an “animal.”

Shortly after Cuban Link’s accusation began to gain traction, many were left wondering whether or not Fat Joe would issue a direct response. It should be noted that at this time, nothing has been authenticated, though Link seemed to suggest that would be changing in the future. In any case, Joe has indeed come forward to respond, albeit not entirely directly. Still, it’s evident that his message is making reference to the spiraling narrative.

“When the HATE don’t work they start telling lies,” writes Joe, seemingly denying the accusation while positioning himself to take the high road. Not exactly a substantial response, but one that speaks volumes about his position on the matter. Given that Cuban Link doesn’t appear ready nor willing to back down from this one, however, it will be interesting to see as to whether or not Joe is forced to take a stronger position in the future.

Check out Fat Joe’s measured response to Cuban Link’s accusation below, and keep an eye out for further developments on this unfolding story.

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