The Game Co-Signs Anderson .Paak’s Posthumous Album Stance

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The Game shares his reaction to Anderson .Paak’s anti-posthumous album tattoo, explaining where he differs from his friend.

Last week, Anderson .Paak sparked a conversation with his firm stance against posthumous albums, one he believes so fervently that he actually tattooed it on his arm.

“When I’m gone please don’t release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached,” reads Paak’s request slash statement. “Those were just demos and never intended to be heard by the public.”

While it’s unclear as to whether or not .Paak’s camp would abide by the request (though Dr. Dre is a notorious vaulter), his words have led many artists to reflect on the posthumous release. It feels especially relevant given how many late rappers have been releasing music, with Pop Smoke‘s recent Faith album coming to mind as a recent example.

The Game

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Now, fellow west coast veteran The Game has come through with his two cents on the matter, speaking with TMZ about whether or not he shares .Paak’s belief. “Number one, you gotta respect his — and everyone’s — artistry,” says Game. “Anderson is like my brother, and I think for him, when I read it, I thought it was dope. I think I’m in agreeance with that, man. I don’t want my shit out either.”

“People always fuck the vision up,” he continues. “If you’re not here, how can they finish it for you? Puffy after Big died, Life After Death hit. If it’s not Puff or Dre, don’t touch my shit. If it ain’t Puff, Dre, Pharrell, or Timbaland, don’t touch my shit.” Though he clarifies that he will not be getting a tattoo detailing as much, he notes that he does differ from .Paak in that he’d allow a few exceptions.

Check out Game’s words on the topic below, as shared by TMZ. Posthumous albums tend to be a complicated issue, and many fans have been growing increasingly pessimistic about them as time goes on. Sound off with your own thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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