Ari Blows Up MoneyBagg Yo’s Twitter After Learning “Wockesha” Isn’t About Her

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Ari just found out that “Wockesha” isn’t about her and she has questions.

MoneyBagg Yo made it abundantly clear that his hit single “Wockesha” is about his love of lean. The codeine-laced song has been a driving force behind the Memphis rapper’s new album, A Gangsta’s Pain, which is presently the top-selling hip-hop album of the year, but until today, Bagg’s girlfriend Ari Fletcher thought it was about her. She found out after the song went #1 on US urban radio that, in fact, the track isn’t about his love for her.

Blowing up Bagg’s Twitter with over a handful of messages about how the song isn’t about her, despite all the romantic lyrics, Ari had a lot to say to her man.

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“How wokesha not about me and you said ‘taste like candy, sweet like fruit, wet like water can I love on you?’ @MoneyBaggYo AW OK,” started Ari, using the same format for her follow-up tweets. “How wokesha not about me and you said ‘withdraws you feeling different everyday you need a dose?’ @MoneyBaggYo AW OK,” she said, before offloading a dozen other questions.

MoneyBagg Yo might have some explaining to do because his girlfriend is pissed off after learning that the track is about codeine.

Check out all of her tweets below.



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