Aaliyah’s Uncle Apologizes For Delay In Uploading Her Catalog To DSPs

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Blackground Records founder Barry Hankerson issues a statement on why it took so long for Aaliyah’s catalog to be uploaded to digital streaming services.

As the digital age took over the music industry, there’ve been several quintessential albums from the past that have yet to make their way onto streaming services. Aaliyah is regarded as one of the most influential R&B singers of the 90s whose presence is felt in many ways today. However, it was only until Friday did her catalog begin to pop up on streaming services.

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Aaliyah’s uncle and Blackground Records founder Barry Hankerson has been at the receiving end of criticism over the delay in its re-release into the digital space. As the owner of her masters, including her sophomore album One In A Million, Hankerson spoke out and thanked Aaliyah’s parents, Diane and Michael Haughton, who also served as the late singer’s managers.

“I cannot take the credit for managing Aaliyah as that was never a title I held. That title belonged to Diane Haughton and her husband who managed Aaliyah from the start of her career until her passing. I want to thank Diane, Aaliyah’s manager, for allowing and choosing Blackground Records to become her label,” he wrote.

Barry also extended a thank you to his son, Jomo Hankerson, for helping out during the process before issuing an apology to the fans.

“Thank you to all of her many fans for keeping her music alive,” he continued. “I’m sorry it took so long, but when you lose a family member so unexpectedly, it takes time to deal with that type of grief. I decided to release Aaliyah’s music in order to keep her legacy alive.”

Check out his post below.

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