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Fat Joe Taps Remy Ma, Cool and Dre For “Back Outside”

Fat Joe - Back Outside

Fat Joe – Back Outside

Fat Joe dropped a new track with Remy Ma, Cool and Dre celebrating the return to normalcy.

Fat JoeRemy Ma, Cool and Dre all teamed up for the new single, “Back Outside,” in celebration of America’s return to normalcy as the country reaches the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. The track was premiered on Independence Day.

The celebratory song sees Joe rapping about being back at the club.

Fat Joe, Remy Ma
Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Joe’s referencing the pandemic with a song, however, he’s far less likely to receive backlash for the new track. Back in March, he caught flak online for calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan Virus.”

“Track me in and out of court, Harvey Weinstein/Threw that white up in the pot, gave em pipe dreams/And watch it spread like the Wuhan virus/Do em dirty for the low like Wu-Tang Sirus (ODB),” he rapped in the controversial bars. Check out Joe’s new track with Remy Ma, Cool and Dre, “Back Outside,” below.


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