Diddy Shares Motivational Speech While Devouring Mango

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High off vitamin C and life, Diddy absolutely devours a mango while offering a motivational speech to his followers.

When it comes to hip-hop success stories, there are few who rival the legendary Diddy. Having become synonymous with hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial vision, Diddy recently made it a point to change his name to “Love,” emphasizing the importance of spreading exactly that. That’s not to suggest that Diddy has gone full pacifist, however; lest we forget that he recently declared himself king of Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, a claim that sparked grumblings from those actively representing such territory.

Suffice it to say, Puff is a larger-than-life figure, one who seems to revel in the zaniest of antics. Most recently, the mogul found himself inspired to share a few motivational words, taking to Instagram to spur his followers into action. Standing against the picturesque backdrop of the ocean, Diddy approaches the camera with a massive chunk of mango in hand.


 BET2020/Getty Images

“You can be whoever you want,” says Diddy. “You can be eating mango too, with the ocean as your backyard. I ain’t special. I just want it bad.” He takes a tentative bite of mango. “I will not allow myself to not have mango.” A far more emphatic bite of mango. “I hustle hard.” Alas, his next bit of advice is unintelligible, though his climactic leap into the drink leaves little to the imagination.

“Don’t allow yourself to not have mangos and the ocean as your backyard!” he captions, wise words from one of hip-hop’s most accomplished icons.

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