Coi Leray Channels Nicki Minaj For Verse Price Flex

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Coi Leray cites Nicki Minaj’s legendary “Monster” verse to flex her own rising status, revealing how much it costs to land a verse.

Coi Leray may be a relative newcomer to the game, but the recently-appointed XXL Freshman has already been staking her claim. From receiving the coveted Drake co-sign to collaborating with artists like Dave EastEarthGang, and Pooh Shiesty, Leray has carved out a lane for herself that cannot be denied.

It’s reached the point where Leray has become somewhat of a household name, and though she has yet to release an official debut album, her price has already reached a significant level. Like many before her, Leray opted to flex the cost of a verse, circling back to the immortal braggadocio of Nicki Minaj circa “Monster” to emphasize her point.

Coi Leray

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“What nicki say?” writes Coi. “50k for a verse no album out? Don’t forget, I still never dropped an album.” Though the invocation of Minaj’s name drew out the presence of the Barbz — who weren’t exactly keen on Leray’s citation of their Queen — many fans were quick to praise the melodist’s undeniable rise.

It’s entirely that Leray found herself inspired to flex in the wake of “Big Purr’s” continued success; as she was quick to point out on Twitter, the Pooh Shiesty-assisted single is well on its way to gold certification. Don’t be surprised to see it lining the tracklist of her upcoming debut, which should bolster the numbers quite nicely for that essential first-week tally.

50k for a verse, no album out. Not too shabby for Coi Leray. Do you foresee that price tag rising even higher?



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