Azealia Banks Reps Kanye West On Her Nails With “Fuck Him All Night” Cover Art

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The rapper previously teased the single on Instagram.

A week after hinting at her Fantasea 2 for the thousandth time this past decadeAzealia Banks has released a cover for her latest single, “Fuck Him All Night.”

Titled in reference to Kanye West, the Harlem rapper has surely had an interesting journey throughout the headlines when it comes to mentioning the guy.

Her nails spell out the man’s name on this cover, one that boasts art reminiscent of countless 70s and 80s albums, showing their pants around the crotch area and whatnot.

According to her most recent post in regards to releasing a new single, she mentioned the date July 9th. Though not much official word on that since The Harlem rapper’s most recent track, “Black Madonna,” dropped in May and was as telling as it gets of what she’s still capable of, so we’re looking forward to hearing her braggadocious stylings once again.

Aside from music, Banks’ name has not been in the news too often as of late, which has always proved to be a rarity for her, although she accredits this new and improved lifestyle of her’s to hiring a new female manager and sipping on a bunch of green juice. Realistically, this sounds like it would be beneficial for anybody.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to hearing “Fuck Him All Night” on July 9.

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