Logic & Eminem’s “Homicide” Goes Double Platinum

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Logic and Eminem’s first official duet “Homicide” has continued its murderous run, hitting double platinum status.

Logic‘s return from retirement — easily one of the most short-lived sideline stints hip-hop has ever seen — is officially underway. The rapper recently delivered a new single in “Intro,” presumably signaling the imminent arrival of a new album. As fans await further development on that particular front, many have been keeping some of his older cuts in steady rotation.

A few days ago, Logic’s loyal following came through to represent one of his Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind standouts, the Eminem (and Chris D’Elia) assisted “Homicide.” Originally released in May of 2019, the lyrically charged duet between two of the game’s dexterous spitters has been proven to hold ample replay value. Case in point, the single was recently certified double platinum by the RIAA, an upgrade that followed the track’s first platinum certification in August of 2019.

 Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

It’s not entirely surprising to see Logic and Em’s first official collaboration retaining momentum, as both parties have proven to be consistently formidable commercial entities. The track’s official video, which finds Chris D’Elia standing in as Eminem, currently holds over seventy-eight million views. Not too shabby for a song driven entirely by bars, with nary a catchy chorus in sight.

One has to wonder if Logic and Eminem will reunite in the future, given the success that “Homicide” continues to achieve. With a new project from Bobby on the horizon, it’s entirely possible that we’ll see a “Double Homicide” in the near future — would you like to see Logic and Em reunite on wax once more?

WATCH: Logic ft. Eminem – Homicide

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