Soulja Boy Recounts Moment When Steve Jobs Gave Him The First iPhone In 2007

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The internet was actually able to pull up Big Draco’s receipts.

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game recently shared a clip from their upcoming podcast episode with Soulja Boy, and it already looks like it’s going to be one for the books. In the teaser, Soulja Boy reveals that he has another huge “first” on his rap sheet.

“I was the first rapper with the iPhone,” Soulja Boy calmly states as the hosts of the podcasts erupt into laughter in disbelief. “It was ‘Crank Dat’ video shoot 2007. Steve Jobs and the Apple team came. I was in the swimming pool, doing the instructional dance. Showing the people how to do the dance. We was on the set of the ‘Crank Dat’ video. They came, they brought me the iPhone.

“Steve Jobs himself came?” one of the podcast hosts asked, to which Big Draco replied, “Yes, Steve Jobs. And Apple, the whole team. They said this the first iPhone.”

Initially, fans thought that Soulja Boy’s claims were preposterous, but soon after his teased appearance on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, Twitter users started pulling up receipts and proving that Soulja Boy probably isn’t lying. While no one has yet been able to give video proof that Steve Jobs himself linked up with Soulja to give him the iPhone, multiple fans have been able to unearth archival footage of the rapper showing off the first-generation iPhone.

See some of the best Twitter reactions below.

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