Vince Staples Says That “Summertime ’06” Is “Two Different Albums”

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Vince Staples revealed an interesting detail regarding the tracklist to “Summertime ’06.”

Vince Staples has clarified an important detail about his classic albumSummertime ’06, noting that he did not intend its A and B sides to be a double album, but instead two separate albums.

“I always see people say how can Summertime ’06 be a double album when its so short but its not a side A side B thing. Its just two different albums & I put both of them out,” he explained. “Thats why they got the same intro. I woulda said something but I wasnt talking to you niggas bacc then.”

Summertime ’06 was released on June 30, 2015, and was met with widespread critical acclaim.

Vince Staples, Summertime 06
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Staples recently announced his next album, Vince Staples, will be released on July 9th. He dropped the project’s first single, “Law of Averages” in June.

“I’m a mind more than I am an entertainer to a lot of people,” he said, regarding the album’s concept. “I appreciate that my fanbase is willing to go on this ride with me. I’m ready to diversify what we’re doing and see how we affect the world.”

Check out how Summertime ’06‘s tracklist is broken down below.

Disc 1
1. Ramona Park Legend Pt1
2. Lift Me Up
3. Norf Norf
4. Birds & Bees
5. Loca
6. Lemme Know
7. Dopeman
8. Jump off the Roof
9. Señorita
10. Summertime

Disc 2
1. Ramona Park Legend Pt 2
2. 3230
3. Surf
4. Might Be Wrong
5. Get Paid
6. Street Punks
7. Hang N Bang
8. Coldest Nigga Breathing
9. Like It Is
10. ’06



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