Travis Scott Teases More Details About “Utopia”

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He touched on what type of sound fans can expect on the upcoming project.

The last full-length project we heard from Travis Scott was 2018’s ASTROWORLD. Since then, the Houston native has been focused on expanding his business portfolio. As one of the most profitable artists in hip-hop, scoring brand deals seem to come easy for the “Highest In The Room” artist.

He’s collaborated with McDonald’s, Nike, and more. He even debuted his own line of tequila seltzers dubbed CACTI. Most recently, he partnered up with Dior to debut a new menswear collection that pays homage to the late Canarsie-bred rapper Pop Smoke. In a new interview with WWD, the multi-talented artist revealed a few more details about what to expect on his forthcoming release Utopia.

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In the interview, Travis touched on how the visuals of the fashion show were inspired by working on the long-awaited follow-up of his chart-topping project ASTROWORLD. “I’m in this new album mode where it’s like psychedelic rock,” Scott told WWD. “So even just like the field of cactuses and mushrooms, you might get tripped out.”

Elsewhere, the Grammy-nominated hitmaker spoke on his upcoming Astroworld festival set to take place in Houston this November. “We’re back on the streets. I think that’s just one of the craziest things. This is gonna be super dope,” he promised. “I’m really putting a lot into the stage this year. I’m putting a lot into the surrounding, so you’re going to see a lot of different things, a lot of new experiences at this festival.”

Travis notably previewed a brief teaser of his upcoming collaboration with Westside Gunn during the show. The track, tentatively titled “How Wonderful,” includes a more somber rhythm than Travis fans are used to. “Baby girl think she in Honolu’ (Wonderful)/ Don’t you know you in the I-5 loop?/ How many chickens fit in the coop? (How wonderful, wonderful)/ Wonderful, she don’t wanna leave/ She jump up, bounce back like trampoline,” spits the Houston native on the track.

Westside Gunn then comes in, “ayo, whip the cocaine to the pop ups/ You was on the porch, I was locked up (I was locked up, ah)/ Two-tone Maybach truck with the Maxwells/ Think a n*gga shot somethin’.”

What are your thoughts on Travis’ “psychedelic rock” inspired sound? Let us know down in the comments.


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