Quavo & YK Osiris Roast Mustard After Beating Him In A Game Of Basketball

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Mustard wasn’t looking too happy after taking an L to Quavo and YK Osiris.

The debate about who should be crowned the best hooper in Hip-Hop is an ongoing one because of the sheer amount of rappers who are also talented basketball players. Both J. Cole and Sheck Wes have achieved varying success as professional basketball players, and artists like Common and Quavo have showcased their skills during the NBA’s annual celebrity All-Star game.

Thanks to a recently surfaced video on Twitter, it now looks like fans can safely cross Mustard’s name off of that list because the producer and his team appear to have gotten destroyed by Quavo and YK Osiris’ team in a friendly game of basketball.

Team Stephen A. blocks a shot attempt by Common #25 of Team Wilbon during the 2020 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Presented By Ruffles at Wintrust Arena on February 14, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois.
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The clip, which has already been viewed over 68,000 times, starts off with Osiris taunting Mustard as he sits down on a foldout chair and takes a phone call. “Man, n*gga lost,” he can be heard saying from behind the camera. “Stupid a** n*gga, you dumb a** n*gga! Stupidest motherf*cker man! N*gga sorry as a motherf*cker man!”

As Osiris is roasting Mustard with some lighthearted basketball banter, Quavo comes through, points at Mustard, and starts laughing in his face. The playful situation is enough to get Mustard heated and on his feet, and after abruptly ending his phone call, Mustard can be heard repeating, “It was 1 and 1,” perhaps arguing that Mustard’s team had one the first match against Quavo and YK Osiris’ team.

The narrator of the video then yells at Mustard, saying “Shut the f*ck up!” The final box score reveals Quavo and YK Osiris’ team outscored Mustard’s 14-8, which makes the video even funnier. See it for yourself below.

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