Lloyd Banks’s “The Hunger for More” Turns Seventeen Today

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Seventeen years is a pretty odd anniversary to celebrate, but it’s okay.

I’ve always found it rare that a legitimate studio album warrants a sequel. Mixtapes, sure, I get it. Just keep piling it on until we can’t handle hearing your voice anymore, but a sequel to an ALBUM? That first one had to be pretty damn special. And, luckily, in the case of one Mr. Lloyd Banks, his debut album seems to have aged like wine.

The New York-bred rapper took to Twitter earlier and spread his arms out to his “baby,” mentioning the seventeen-year anniversary of 2004’s critically acclaimed The Hunger for More.



From interpolating Queen Latifah’s smokey hit “Just Another Day” and turning it into an absolute flossing fest (“Throw a couple grand at the NBA Store / Rock $24,000 on the NBA floor”) to some quintessential Snoop Dogg features, this was a seminal rap album for the early end of the 2000s.

With G Unit still on the rise way back in 2004, Blue Hefner took it upon himself to further the group from merely being 50’s heir apparent, going to show each and every one of them was as big a go-getter as he was. Sure, sometimes you don’t get the Dr. Dre co-sign; but, when an artist is still able to drop something so timelessly pristine, then who the hell even cares?

Lloyd Banks‘s latest LP is titled The Course of the Inevitable and garnered positive feedback for the most part. Have you given it a listen? Or are you sticking with the classics?

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