Jay-Z Declares Himself To Be A “Top-Tier Playlist Creator” & Challenges Anyone

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Jay-Z says he’s in the top-tier of playlist creators and will challenge anyone to make a better playlist than him.

Jay-Z has declared his playlist-making game to be “A++.” Speaking with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for a 30-minute conference on Twitter Spaces, Hov discussed his work on TIDAL over the years.

“I think in the beginning, everything was like super manual,” JAY-Z said. “I was making playlists, people were making playlists. We were creating content in-house as we worked on the algorithm. We built and built, and it got really good. And if you play a song now, you can pretty much just let TIDAL fly and I promise you you’re gonna find new music, new amazing music that you’ve never heard before.”

He added, “I’ve found so many songs, my playlist game is A++. I challenge anyone out there. I see a lot of people on this call, I’m not gonna call out individual names. I’m definitely, you know, in the top-tier of playlist creators.”

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Jay-Z also emphasized how important it is to “maintain a human element,” despite the use of a complex algorithm.

“You can’t duplicate the heart and spirit and people that’s in the office working really hard and care what’s going on and know what’s going on in the culture minute by minute,” he explained. “It’s super important to us to interact and have that relationship back and forth.”

The legendary rapper has shared public playlists throughout TIDAL’s life cycle. He’s been known to post his favorite songs of the year. His 2020 playlist included Conway, DrakeBusta Rhymes, and more.


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