J.I.D Dubs Lil Duval A “Lame” Over Comedian’s Response To Bill Cosby Release

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The Dreamville rapper wasn’t feeling Duval’s jokes.

The news of Bill Cosby’s release continues to stir up reactions and Dreamville’s very own has come forward with a tweet-and-delete. There are several celebrities who have been celebrating Cosby’s conviction being overturned, including his The Cosby Show co-star Phylicia Rashad, as well as his supporters Boosie Badazz and Lil Duval. A post made by the latter caught the attention of J.I.D and the rapper wasn’t impressed with the comedian’s response.

“Bill Cosby about to be free!” Duval tweeted earlier today (June 30). “City boy win summer 2021!” While many of Duval’s fans laughed at the longstanding “City Boy” joke, J.I.D retweeted the post with a caption that let the world know just how he felt.

Bill Cosby, Lil Duval
Michael Abbott / Staff / Getty Images

“I ain’t surprised u this lame [side eye angry face],” wrote the rapper. The tweet no longer exists, but a screenshot was captured and shared. Once again, the public was divided as some people agreed with J.I.D while others told the rapper that he needed to mind his business.

Meanwhile, Duval has been retweeting responses to his support of Cosby, including people who have threatened him. The comedian doesn’t seem to mind and has been taking in the attention. Check out a few tweets from Lil Duval below.

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