Flo Milli Goes In On Her XXL Freshman Freestyle

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The Alabama-bred rapper shows off properly.

According to XXL, which is a vital source in this instance, Flo Milli is the very first woman from Mobile, Alabama to earn their stripe and end up becoming one of the magazine’s coveted freshmen. Prior to her, the only artist who reigned from the city in general and ultimately made the list was Rich Boy. Need I remind you that “Throw Some D’s” is now fourteen years old, while its even more prominent remix off Da Drought 3 has aged just as much? Leave it to Flo Milli to bring that hiatus to an end.

Talking about her stomping grounds in her freshman profile, she mentioned the hometown artist, saying, “I remember Rich Boy, he was the first from our city to be on XXL, which was a while ago. So, you know, even seeing him, it was like, Damn, now I’m the first female on it.”

Gender progression in hip-hop is moving as rapidly as ever before; and with artists like Flo Milli, not to mention each and every one of her unrestrained contemporaries, there’s simply no question of the potential goldmine that lies ahead for a plethora of female rappers.

Provocativeness is no strange theme to Flo’s bars, and she puts that on full display throughout her 40-second long fest of pure, unadulterated bravado. Halfway through, she raps, “Beef wit’ a hoe, I ain’t makin’ him famous / I ain’t see you on none of these playlists / You can see I don’t care and you hate it / He say he real but I know he fakin'”

But don’t take my word for it, take her’s, and tell us what you think below.

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