Fabolous Believes An Opportunity Is Better Than Someone Giving You Money

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The rapper stated that someone offering an opportunity for you to create your own career is much more lucrative than being given cash.

If someone offered you money or an opportunity to better yourself, which would you take? Fabolous recently launched a debate about this very topic after his recent appearance on Million Dollaz Worth of Game was released, and during the conversation, he discussed which option, according to him, was more important than the other.

“The most somebody can give you, not just give you money, ’cause somebody give you money, you gon’ spend it, then you back to needing money,” said the rapper. “If you don’t spend it right.”

Fabolous, Million Dollaz Worth Of Game
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

“Somebody give you opportunity, that’s one of the most valuable sh*t somebody can give you,” he continued. “Somebody give you a chance to do something, now it’s on you. It’s like, ‘You, I’mma get you studio, let me see what you go in there and do.’ Now, you go in the studio and sit around and f*ck around and smoke and drink and don’t do nothin’… You can’t say nothin’ bad… That’s the most somebody can do for you is give you an opportunity.”

“On me, anytime somebody gave me an opportunity, I looked at it as I gotta make the most of the opportunity. That’s how I got in the game.” Viewers were divided once they conversed about Fab’s remarks, with some arguing that not every opportunity spells success. Let us know if you’d rather take a stack of cash or the opportunity to make your own, and watch Fabolous‘s full interview on Million Dollaz Worth of Game below.

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