Curren$y Explains How Diddy Singled Him Out Because Of His Weed

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Curren$y tells a story about how he met Diddy at SXSW because of how good his weed smelled.

On the latest episode of High Tales, the video series introduced by JAY-Z’s cannabis brand MONOGRAM, rapper Curren$y spoke about his love of weed, telling anecdotes about some of the funniest things that have happened to him while he was high. Before revealing the recipe to his munchies-quenching grilled cheese sandwich, the cannabis connoisseur spoke about how he met Diddy because of how strong his weed was.

“If you smell something cutting through the room, you know that that person is of a certain cloth and did whatever they had to do to acquire that bag,” explains Curren$y on High Tales. “I know that’s how I met Puff Daddy. I met Diddy like that at fucking SXSW because of the joint that I lit up. On my way to perform, I just [blew some smoke] and I’m sure he was going to do something else at Fader Fort, do some real Diddy shit, but he was like, nah, where is that train going? He went to the side stage, watched the whole set, and then we got off and he was like, ‘You got more of that shit?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, but you gotta check this out!'”

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Curren$y says he was working on a mixtape called Puff Daddy with Chuck Inglish, and Diddy gave him the O-K based on their meeting at SXSW.

Spitta also spoke about his early Cash Money days, which included him impersonating Birdman when a woman asked for his autograph. He says the woman didn’t know who he was, overhearing her on the phone with her kids before introducing herself and asking for his signature. He even signed  Stunna’s nicknames as a joke.

Check out Curren$y’s episode of High Tales below and be sure to also watch our latest episode of How To Roll with the rapper underneath.

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